Property Development

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Agritech Property Developments (APD)

Innovative Design and Build Solutions Driven By Sustainable Principles.

Agritech Property Developments will provide design and build solutions that take advantage of the infrastructure that is being enhanced to ensure the principles of the Agritech Business Park are adhered to.

There will be a balance between ensuring that each business and end-user has a platform that will maximise its output, whilst at the same time providing the optimum working environment.

Developing the best outcomes for business.

Agritech Property Development

Agritech Property Developments provides unique investment opportunities in land, land and buildings, design-build and lease, with a focus on the rural services sector.

Lot 21

Hydrogen manufacturing facility

Lot 20

Bio Digestor
(Green energy)

Lot 13

Conference facility, micro-brewery, pub and accommodation

Lot 14

Character offices and mature grounds


Merchant retail and commercial EV fuels

Lot 106

Road is designed to accommodate overnight heavy transport

The Masterplan

Deploying an infrastructure that underpins and future-proofs the sustainability pillar of the Agritech Business Park.

Our Design Vision

To create a dynamic sustainable agricultural business park with leading-edge design outcomes.

The Lots for Sale

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The Covenants

The Agritech Business Park covenants are designed to ensure we can achieve our design vision and customer outcomes.


Smart Infastructure Design

Energy, Telco and IT reticulation and design solutions that reduce the costs to the end-user.

Supporting corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals through smart infrastructure utilisation and investment. The Agritech Business Park will provide sustainable customer-centric infrastructure.

The Agritech Business Park will leverage best-in-class infrastructure to drive efficient energy, Telco and IT management solutions that benefit the end-user. At the same time providing solid returns to the investor.

Foundations for the Future

Sustainable design and build and infrastructure solutions that will unpin the industries that support the future of our rural sector.

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